Next FeMn

Next FeMn High Performance Nanotechnology Iron & Magnesium Removal Media


next-Fe/Mn is much more than the next generation of media. It represents a leap of such magnitude that it warrants the label “disruptive technology”. The application of an entirely new science, nanotechnology, is responsible for the extraordinary capabilities of next-Fe/Mn.

Atomic Level “Nano-templates” on the surface of small ceramic-polymer spheres transform dissolved Fe++ and Mn++ to the precipitated particulate form which can then be removed by conventional filtration. Absolutely no oxidizing agents, chemicals or oxygen are required and its efficiency and effectiveness is not affected by pH or temerature.


Unbelievably fast and efficient – Typically less than 5 seconds contact time is required to precipitate Fe and Mn regardless of teh concentration. In contrast, oxidation and catalytic processes require a contact time of 5-10 minutes.
Service Flow – Up to 100gpm/ft2 (800m3/h/m3). In contrast, oxidation and catalytic processes limit service flows to less than 2gpm/ft2 (16m3/h/m3).
No oxidizing agents, chemicals or oxygen required.
Long lasting media (>5 years) not consumed in the process.
Simple periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently.
Field proven in over 750 installations.
Small systems can incorporate next-Fe/Mn and filtration in a single tank.

Pysical Properties

• Composition
Ceramic with polymer center
• Size 0.550-.850 mm (approx. 20×40 mesh)
• Color Light Beige
• Bulk Density 42 lbs per ft3 (0.67 kg/L)
• Packaging 120 liter drum (4.24ft3) 81 (178lb)
Water Chemistry & Limitations
• pH 6.5 to 9.0
• Iron Removal 25 ppm max
• Manganese Removal 5 ppm max
• Temperature 41 to 130º F (4.5 to 54C)
• Iron Types Ferrous Iron, Fe(II)
• Hydrogen Sulfide Must be removed. Use next-H2S
• Chlorine <3ppm
• Oil & Polyphosphates Remove prior to next-Fe/Mn

Application and Operating Conditions & Notes

Maximum Service Flow: (100gpm/ft3) 811m3/hr/m3
Freeboard: 150% of next-Fe/Mn media depth when next-Fe/Mn is used alone.*
Operates in downflow mode with periodic backwash.
For POE systems (<750 gpd) next-Fe/Mn us typically used in a single tank system with conventional filtration media (e.g. filter sand)

* See next-Fe/Mn application sheet for filter design and construction parameters.